Kate Hutchinson's Hospitalis Figmentum

Kate Hutchinson is not only a hugely talented photographer but also a lovely gal. Last time I saw Kate in NYC we talked about our work over Pad Thai. After her widely successful series Why Am I Marrying Him?, I asked what was next. She mentioned she had several family members in the field of medicine and she was working on a project that involved following her sister around the hospital. She has since posted images on her blog and I am happy to share them on here... great stuff!!

Here's what Kate has to say:

There are a few doctors in my family and this series is an attempt to understand them and their trade. In this work, called Hospitalis figmentum, my sister plays a doctor character who interacts with her institution and simple medical instruments in mundane and yet slightly off-putting and absurd ways. Hospitalis figmentum references the history of Western medicine, and the cloak of mystery that surrounds it. Through my sister I try to understand medicine and my relationship to it in these images.