In which my Father is Robbed of his Dream


My father served in the Peruvian Navy for over 30 years. He took his job very seriously; he was possibly one of the most honest, hard working, smartest and morally apt officers the Peruvian Navy has ever seen. He graduated from his class with the Sword of Honor, given to him for his achievements in academics, athletics and discipline. I heard over and over again from his colleagues what an incredible person he is, how the Peruvian Armed Forces -known for being incredibly corrupt- had never seen an officer with such intelligence, determination, and above all pure honesty, decency and self respect. When the time came for him to become the General Commander of the Navy (highest rank possible), 95% of his class had already been fired and the other only ones left were him and a couple officers well below him in rank who were still there due to their connections.

When the time came for my father to be promoted to the highest rank possible he was asked to leave the Navy. Actually, he wasn't asked; he opened the news paper one morning and in there, printed, was an announcement that he had been laid off from the Peruvian Armed Forces. This was done so that a Mr. Nothing who knew somebody who knew somebody, who happened to be way below my father in rank, could get the promotion. This decision was so disrespectful and obviously wrong that the they couldn't bear tell it to my father's face, they had to do it secretly and let him find out via the news paper, which is insulting to a man who spent his entire life bringing change and respect to the institution. This was a big deal, he was going to be reporting directly to the president and now he was unemployed while an unqualified officer enjoyed my father's job.

This picture was taken as my father was in the shower, getting ready to put on his uniform for the very last time as an Admiral of the Peruvian Navy. A moment that I'm sure, although he did not say it, was very painful and sad. He wore his uniform for one last time with pride to officially meet with the people who fired him, to show his honest face to their shameful ones- the ones that threw him out when he was literally hours away from getting what he worked for for 33 years.

He laid his uniform on the bed and I immediately knew I had to photograph it. I was in high school then, but I knew I had to. This picture is very important to me.