I hate A-

I'd like to inform you all that teachers just L-O-V-E giving me an A- as my final grade. I always always always always always get an A-. What does that mean, you may ask? It means that you deserve an "A" but you're not quite deserving of a full out honest-to-god "A", just a little tiny bit less than an "A". You're good but not THAT good. It means that maybe you're good, but there is something about you or your work that rubs them the wrong way. Or maybe that i worked hard, but I could've worked harder.

At our school, if you get an "A-," you get points deducted from your GPA, but if you get an "A+" you don't get any extra points... so all of my "A-" make my GPA lower but my "A+" don't do shit. I have managed to get more "A-" in my transcript than anyone in the world... they just keep on coming.