I don't think I can afford anything anymore...

If you are a starving photographer in NY or just need some stuff done and dont have time to do it yourself, you should probably know about the guys over at SugarHill Works. I've never used them but it seems pretty cool and their site is awesome.

Speaking of that stuff, I've been shooting some stuff this summer that I'm kind of excited about. I went over to Print Space to get my film processed because its only like $4 a roll and they do dip and dunk which is awesome. Well their machine broke and I had to wait like over a week so I got my film and took it somewhere else. So even though they have cheap processing, their darkroom rental is a bit expensive considering they are like the only darkroom left.

So I had heard great things about Mackenzie Color Lab in Brooklyn. So I went and it was awesome; the facilities were spotless and in great condition (much much better than at school of course). The owner runs the place and he is very nice and helpful, his name is Rafael. So anyways I got some work done and I was very happy and I told him I would return next week. Sadly, he told me he was closing up for business tomorrow. Now Print Space is the only darkroom available and it's like $15 an hour and scanning fees are $45 for an hour. I'm sad... I'm gonna wait til I go back to school to use mediocre equipment for free