Last week I applied for an internship with Dan D'Oca, who is part of Interboro, one of the Co-Curators of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009. Today I got an e-mail from him saying that I got it! I'm so super excited. Not only is it a great opportunity because it's such a prestigious exhibition, but also because it's focused around a theme that is new to me and that I find very interesting.

The show’s theme is “Open City”. Pitched as “an ideal that has inspired architects and planners through the ages, the Open City is here defined as “arena in which diverse social and ethnic groups can coexists, interact, and generate complex relationships and networks that consequentially stimulate sustainable urban structures.” The lead curator of the IABR 2009 is the Zurich-based urban designer Kees Christiaanse.

Interboro’s role is as sub-curator: Interboro’s task is to interpret and represent “Community: the American Way of Living,” which was chosen by Christiaanse as one of six “archetypes” to be explored in the exhibition.