Here & Now: New Geographies in Contemporary Queer Photography


Over the last year I have been curating and developing and exhibition titled Here & Now: New Geographies in Contemporary Queer Photography. The exhibition will open on May 15th at the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh and run through July 19th.


Artists in the exhibition include:


Richard Renaldi Elle Perez Michael Max McLeod Molly Landreth Zackary Drucker #1 Must Have We Are The Youth


I'd love to take this opportunity to share a little more about this exhibition.


Here & Now: Queer Geographies in Contemporary Photography


“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not even worth glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.” – Oscar Wilde


Over the course of history explorers and voyagers have relied on photography as they searched for something they couldn’t find at home. From Timothy O’Sullivan to Stephen Shore, many photographers have surveyed the land and documented that and those they encountered. This exhibition highlights the work of photographers whose physical and emotional journeys define and discover queerness across the American landscape. Queer people have always had to imagine the world other than as it is, so while most LGBTQ photographers turn to their immediate surroundings to inform their work, these artists instinctively attack the landscape in search for context. This instinct for travel comes out of a desire for human connection and community. As Oscar Wilde points out, a search for Utopia is innate in most human beings but it is particularly significant for queer subjects who have spent a lifetime fighting to define their place in the world. In this exhibition images become the spaces where new maps are imagined and created, they helps us map our own place within a larger territory.


Collectively these artists look for answers outside of their own communities in search for a bigger picture. They travel and cover great lengths to understand what it means to be queer today.