Hi Everybody!

THANK YOU! so much for all of your support so far in the planning stages.

Here is an updated list of photographers being featured:

Molly Landreth
Elle Perez
Rachel Hulin
Caleb Cole
Rafael Soldi
Christopher Simpson
Jason Hanasik
Lesly Deschler-Canossi
Jamil Hellu
Kate Burnley
Caitlin Arnold
Kate Hutchinson
Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Sarah Sudhoff
Diane Russo
Daniel Handal

I would like to give a BIG thanks to Big Cartel, who has donated their services free of charge to carry out this wonderful task. So all of the print sales will be done through a Big Cartel store that will be up this weekend where people can easily shop, place items on their shopping cart and check out.

More details coming soon! For now, here's a tease:

Elle Perez
Rachel Hulin

Kate Burnley