Good Morning Upper East Siders...

I've been watching way too much Gossip Girl lately. It is such a trashy show but its so fabulous. Last Spring I watched all 6 seasons of Sex and The City in a month, then I watched all 2 seasons of Heroes in 3 days and continued to watch all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under in two weeks and now I'm trying to tackle Gossip Girl. It's a really fun show and you should all watch it.

Today I spent 5 hours in the darkroom and it felt great. During the school year I get really tired and it wears me out... but I had a good time and did not have to worry about printing in a room that is 80 degrees hot or having a crazy Asian woman yelling at me. Although, I took my film to get processed at Printspace place and they called me to tell me that they had "accidentally scratched it." So I went over to check it... they didn't scratch it, the TORE HOLES IN IT. I've seen people mistreat film before, but this PROFESSIONAL lab that everyone recommended to me tore holes on my negatives and alsmot every single frame had severe scrathces, holes, finger prints, spots, or dents. None of the images I will be able to print in the darkroom, I'll have to scan and edit and print digitally.. .arrghhhhh.
This is the biggest hole/scratch

then most frames have dents and marks like this

And when you try to print it, it looks like this

Whatever. Im done ranting. I'll be in baltimore on Tuesday the 12th. Many of you know I'm not a fan of Baltimore, in fact I kind of hate it. But I am really excited for school to start and to see my friends- partly because I want to go back to school, and also because I just want to get out of school so I can start my life. I've been getting simultaneously excited, anxious and worried about graduation even though it's far away. Part of me has no doubt that life post-graduation will be fine, managable and maybe even fun, and the other part of reminds me that I am not nearly as ready, talented, or capable as some think I am. I'm scared that I am simply lucky and one day that good luck will just vanish.

We'll see what happens. For now all I have to worry about is catching the next episode of Gossip Girl, I'll deal with the rest later.

Yes, it is true Printspace was very apologetic and did offer to scan my negatives and retouch them for free - I probably should've mentioned that. I'm leaving the city in 2 days so I won't be able to do that, but aside from my bad luck with Printspace they have always been very nice and helpful which is why I returned there after my first strike of bad luck.