George Georgiou

George Georgiou's project Transit Ukraine: After the Revolution is one of those few that have made me stop and stare at something just for that extra second. Georgiou says of this project:

As the country is going through a transition or a method of transit from one system to another, I thought it would be appropriate to play on this notion of transit by moving through the country on public transport, photographing as people move from Home to work, shopping, going out and selling goods around the transport hubs.

The images are absolutely stunning, he has a very peculiar way of seeing that is rather sophisticated and cohesive- it carries though in pretty much every project. Having so many strong images in this series, though, I think the work could really benefit from a tighter edit in order to bring these to life. I feel the better images are so much better that they could stand alone. Although conceptually different, the work reminds me a lot of Andrea Diefenbach's.

all images by George Georgiou