Over the past two weeks I've seen two really great films here at MICA. The first one is part of The Maryland Film Festival. Guest of Cindy Sherman, a film by Paul H-O, Cindy Sherman's former boyfriend. This film gave a very peculiar insight to the life of Art SuperStar Cindy Sherman. Paul H-O, who produced the TV show Art Beat in the 80's and 90's was quite the character in the art scene at the time; his show was a great combination of an insightful and shameless look at the art world of the time combined with a TV show that looked like it was produced by a bunch of 18 year olds on drugs. In one of his many gallery outing, attempting to annoy everyone ever, he met Cindy Sherman the it-girl of the art world. A poll in the movie showed that when asked who the greatest living female artist is, a grand majority of the people answered Cindy Sherman.

Paul H-O was somewhat childish, a bit sloppy, and all over the place but had some really interesting things to say and present to the public. Sherman was serious, somewhat misterious and her career was a rocket that has yet to stop going up. Somewhere in the middle they fell in love and started a strange relationship; towards the end, the grandness of her career overshadow Paul's existence and at one event that was held in Sherman's honor, he was placed in a table far away from her with a card that said "Guest of Cindy Sherman."

Well the film was great, funny, depressing, eye-opening, and overall a great look into Sherman's life. There some amazing shots of Sherman in her studio photographing herself and playing with make up, color gels, etc. Most definitely worth watching.