Everywhere I Go

In preparation for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday: no gifts, no stress, just food and thanks), mother nature has sent Seattle a little something to talk about. It has been dropping down to single digits at night (unusual for us) and we've received about 3 inches of snow, which shouldn't be a problem if this city even knew what snow IS and HOW to deal with it. Mind you, Seattle is very hilly so 60ft public buses were sliding down the hills and smashing into parked cars, cars were also sliding down hills and landing at the bottom like at a baggage claim, with 6 or 7 cars at the bottom of a street all crashed into each other. People have been acting like its the Armageddon and the city refuses to salt the streets because it's not environmentally friendly. The whole thing is a joke.

But given that it is cold, icy and the day before my favorite holiday I've been listening to this sweet song under a blanket, warm tea in hand, while watching re-runs of Will & Grace.