Elijah Gowin

I discovered Elijah Gowin's work after looking through 100 Portraits — 100 Photographers: Selections from the FlakPhoto.com Archive, co-curated by Andy Adams and Larissa Leclair. I'm really loving Elijah's Hymnal of Dreams series, there is something so, well, dreamy about them. He says of the work:

In this body of work, titled Hymnal of Dreams, I photograph constructions, characters and narratives based on a history that is both imagined and personally experienced. I often begin with found objects, reconfiguring them in fabricated scenes. As I cut, bind, pile, or suspend these materials, I retain a sense of their original shape and meaning while also creating new forms that reference the southern landscape. These constructed images, though alluding to the past, are about a search for meaning in the present. The way we handle, arrange, and value objects and archetypes reflects our contemporary state of mind.

All Images Copyright Elijah Gowin from Hymnal of Dreams project.