design stuff

I am so excited to take a graphic design class this semester. I am of the belief that I need to take advantage of where I'm at right now - that is, art school- to take the classes that will give me skills that will be useful to me in my professional life. I took a video class a couple semester ago that taught me that I don't like video work... but i guess I can add Final Cut Pro to my list. Anyways... in the spirit of my excitement for my GD class, here goes two designs that I've done over the past couple of weeks, the first one is a poster design for the MICA Volleyball Club, which I lead at my school:

And the last thing is a website (still in the works) for an on-campus gallery space that I am running. In the past the management of this gallery space has been very informal and disorganized, so I took it upon myself to change that. I've come up with a logo, identity, website, structure, etc.... click here to go to the site.

And finally, I had a coupon for 100 free business cards so I figured, why not make a simple design in addition to the ones I already had and just have 100 free, clean, new and simple business cards?