Critical Mass 2011 - My Picks

Okay... So. I meant to do this post last year and never got around to it. Guess better late than never.

Last year I applied to Critical Mass, I made it as a finalist but didn't reach the Top 50. They sent us all a CD with all the entries. It was really cool to get to browse through all that work, the quality and diversity was just tremendous. I decided it would be fun to play pretend and imagine myself as the curator (last year's curator was Darius Himes).

It's fascinating to me that any curator, artist, or creative eye can be given the same pool of images, and each come up with a completely unique interpretation. Only 3 of the images I chose actually made it into the show curated by Darius Himes. I had a chance to hang the show and his vision for it was very unique --I hope everyone got to see it! Next year's show will be heading towards the South and away from the NW.

Here's "my show," in no particular order:

Alejandra Laviada
Asia Kepka

Christopher Capozziello

Christopher Capozziello

Corinne Vionnet

Douglas Collins

Daro Sulakauri

Eric Cousineau

Herman Nicholson

Igor Urisman

Jackson Patterson

Jane Fulton Alt

Jason Demarte

Jenny Riffle

Jeremy Chandler 
Jeremy Dyer

Jeroen Hofman

Joachum Manuel Riederer

Katrina Dautremont
Katrina Dautremont

Leigh Merrill


Michael Clements

Nick Prionio

Paul Gaffney
Steven Beckly

Susanna Corcoran

Tessa Bunney
Michael Marten

Geoffrey Short

Sebastian Liste
Mark Lyon

Sarah Hobbs