Collaboration with Aleesandra Torres

After almost over 8 hours of shooting, I can safely say that my collaboration with installation artist and friend Alessandra Torres was extremely successful. We had a blast doing it and we both got some nice portfolio go some preliminary samples that haven't been edited much. The following photo is NOT Photoshopped, yes it is her on both sides of the picture and yes it is all one exposure.

This particular shot was a challenge and we accomplished it quite primitively. That is her in both sides of the room and it hasn't been manipulated digitally. We set up a 30 second exposure and a candle in the room on the left and a strobe in the room on the right. Then we turned the lights off in the room with the hills, she lied in bed for 15 seconds, blew off the candle, ran to the room next door, got in position, and I fired the strobe right before the shutter closes. We did this many many many times. All in 30 seconds.. it was nuts.