Clean Slate

Happy Halloween. I'm in the east coast packing up my life and shipping it 3,000 miles away, which has turned out to be probably the best decision I've ever made in my life. I've never really believed in the clean slate, at least a premature one. I think it's important to take your time and work through whatever you need to work through. But when enough is enough a clean slate sounds pretty damn nice. So, clean slate. New me. It took me a little longer, but eventually one gets tired of taking bullets to the heart. So, clean slate.

I love the east coast, and I think it's the right place for me... but I need to wait a while until it all washes away, until the slate is clean out east. Until I'm ready to face it again without crumbling to pieces. So for now, new me, clean slate, because enough is enough. Also, beautiful things await in Seattle.... beautiful beautiful things.

Before I left Seattle this week to come to NY to pack, I went to see Ingrid Michaelson live, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. She was FANTASTIC, beyond words, and got really emotional during the show and said that it had been a very long time since she'd had such an amazing/engaged crowd (she's huge here). She introduced her song "Maybe" like this, and I'm paraphrasing, "this is a really important song to me because it's one that every single person in this room can relate to it. It's about letting go and realizing that it is finally time to do the most painful thing, about the fucked up reality of life... the lyrics say 'the only way to really know is to really let it go,' how sad is that? So I want you all to join me and sing this as hard as you can let all the shit go, cry, scream, dance, and just let it all leave you."

What happened afterwards was amazing.. she played the song and every single person did exactly what she asked. This is footage from that night... at this point I can really relate to just every single one of her songs.