Bringing the museum to the classroom

In the past I've posted about the Curatorial Studies Program I completed at MICA, and more specifically the Exhibition Development Seminar. This subject was also mentioned a lot in the interview with George Ciscle. Nina Simon over at Museum 2.0 presented on a very interesting project she worked on with UW students along the same lines of EDS. Simon gave her students the task to develop an exhibit that would get strangers to talk to one another. Like in EDS, the students here also used a project wiki as a way of communicating and sharing information; the wiki then remains as a (very useful) footprint of the work that went into creating an exhibition. I actually think this concept could be developed and turned into a software that could facilitate the planning of exhibitions in museums, art centers, curatorial programs and schools. The wiki serves its purpose quite well, actually, but its design can get bit hard to navigate and it is not visually appealing. There are sites such as PBWorks and Blackboard but perhaps a software specifically for exhibition development might be interesting although maybe limiting.

Anyone know of any other interesting student-focused exhibition development projects?