Just Visiting at SOIL Gallery

Just Visiting//  An exhibition curated by Rafael Soldi & Serrah Russell
November 3 - 26, 2016 at SOIL Gallery

Artists: Clayton Cotterell, Holly Andres, Evan Baden, Julia Bradshaw, Neal Fryett, Zack Bent, Eirik Johnson, Megumi Shauna Arai, Max Cleary, Josh Poehlein, Ashley Armitage, Birthe Piontek, Patryk Stasieczek, Elizabeth Zvonar

© Josh Poehlein

© Josh Poehlein

300 miles is a long way, but from where Seattle is sitting—halfway between Portland and Vancouver B.C.— it is too short a distance to house 3 major art hubs that rarely interact. Just Visiting presents photographic works by 14 artists residing in these cultural centers, paired together into 7 collaborative couples. 

The artists will travel to each other's cities, engage in mutual studio visits and interact for nearly a year prior to the exhibition. Pairing artists provides a framework for visual conversation and conceptual exploration as we seek to connect artists whose practice run parallel tracks. By experiencing each other’s work, discussing their practice, and critiquing each other’s progress, each artist will create a new work for the exhibition. This traveling exhibition will further strengthen connections between the artists as well as form conversation and awareness between the three art hubs and their communities. 

Just Visiting will function on a macro and micro level, offering a snapshot of contemporary photographic practice in our region, as well as overlapping narratives triggered by the conceptual framework set forth by the curators. Our cities are connected by train tracks, but also by artistic tracks that are invisible to us… this exhibition aims to uncover them.