111 Front Street Galleries

First it was the Upper East Side, then SoHo, then Chelsea. Then the Lower East Side gave it try but couldn't. Now it's Dumbo's turn. Unlike the financial district, the garment district or the meat packing district, it seems like over the years the New York gallery district has been nomad relocating numerous times over the years. Go figure, all things art have never had a reputation of being stable, rooted or irreversible.

The 111 Front Street Galleries in Dumbo are not news to anyone, but to anyone who hasn't stopped by in a while I suggest you do! There is a lot of great stuff going on and you shouldn't miss it.

At Randall Scott Gallery, you'll find Unseen: A Photographers Salon curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel. Ruben did a fantastic job and has managed to squeeze a wide range of work in a not-so-wide hallway/exhibition space! Make sure to check it out! Some of the photographers include Richard Renaldi, Cara Phillips, Ryan Pfluger, Phil Toledano and more!

photo by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Down the hall, at Klopching Gallery, there was a fantastic little show that just closed. I'm not going to go much into it because the show is over, but; British photographer Simon Roberts' project titled We Enlgish put forth large format photographs that explore identity, attachment to home and the relationship between people and the land.

Simon Roberts / Klompching Gallery
Klompching is a fantastic gallery with a very clear vision and mission. They have consistently presented great shows and they are always worth a visit. Deborah Klomp Ching reviewed my thesis work at MICA and she was very insightful and honest with her criticism, which I always appreciate. Their upcoming show is Foreign Body by Antony Crossfield. It opens next Thursday November 5th, 6-8pm. Be there!

Antony Crossfield / Klompching Gallery

Another great gallery at 111 Front St. is the youngster Kris Graves Projects. KGP might be only a few months old, but they've already showed us that they mean business. With an exquisite roster including gems such as Luke Abiol, Greg Miller, Jason Hanasik, Daniel Selami and Peter Baker.
I met Gravelle Pierre, one of the Directors at KGP, at a party recently and he is a great guy- stop by and visit them if you're in the neighborhood!

Image by Peter Baker, from OF LAND currently on view at KGP

Last but not least, Farmani Gallery almost always has something going on. The beauty of this gallery is that unlike most galleries, its schedule is very flexible and while some shows may last a month or two, some may last a week or even one night. Elizabeth Barragan is the director and she is absolutely lovely and truly enthusiastic about photography.

Jan Von Holleben / Farmani Gallery