CARGAMONTÓN is a new body of work that reflects on the playground politics of my youth. The all-boys Catholic school I attended in Perl was rife with young men searching for ways to assert power and mask desire. Cruel rituals were common, including ‘Cargamontón’ wherein a group of schoolmates pig-piled atop a boy, smothering him under a crush of bodies.

As a queer youth who experienced this hazing, I found the practice to be confusing, frightening, and exhilarating. Humiliated under the physical and emotional weight of my classmates, I began to understand intimacy and violence as a codependent truth. I disliked being targeted, but felt it may be my only opportunity for intimacy with other men.

In CARGAMONTÓN, I compiled an archive of found footage of violent and oppressive rites performed by school boys. Using a series of filters and screens, I degrade images captured from video using a still camera. The result is a series of images akin to obscure memories that depict bodies vacillating between torture and pleasure.